Over the holiday weekend we road tripped down to Phoenix to spend time with Philip’s parents and his sister, Deborah, and her family. She has two little girls, 5 and 2, and together with Peanut, the three of them are inseparable, so of course they had a blast and we hardly saw them all weekend. I was in charge of Thanksgiving dinner last year, so this year Deborah took over and planned and made a delicious feast. My sole contribution was the rolls, which I made before we left home, so Thanksgiving day was relaxing and lazy for me…just the way I like it. 
Despite the fact that it took us 9 hours to get there, and nearly 10 to get home (usually it takes 5), my computer crashed while we were there, we all got the flu right before our trip and then passed it along to Philip’s parents, and a scorpion climbed right next to us while we were in the hot tub (!!!), the weekend was a blast. Relaxing, fun, and tons of good food. 
^^ turkey appetizers! ^^
^^ indians and pilgrims ^^
^^ lincoln log creations ^^ 
^^ not a fan of the turkey hat ^^

Hope you had a fun holiday weekend too!


  1. Merrick! Those turkey dips are too cute, and I love how you and your boys match with your navys, gingham/checks, and maroons. What a great family photo!

  2. I love your appetizers! looks like you had a lovely holiday! : )

  3. Love that family snapshot at the end. Looks like a great time.

  4. Kylie says:

    Yup, sounds just about right for an Arizona Thanksgiving! We found a scorpion in my parents' house last weekend too, even though they should be gone for the winter by now!

  5. Lovely family! And love your sweater! Where is it from?

  6. I love how you put such a positive spin on all the bad things that happened…but you were safe and with family, that is what counts! Love that maroon sweater with the gingham, very cozy!


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