cardigan: target
t-shirt: target
belt: cozy
trousers: anthropologie (old & refashioned)
shoes: steve madden via plato’s closet
Yesterday was Philip’s twenty-ninth birthday. Although he’s minorly freaking out about next year’s big 3-0, he was totally fine with twenty nine, and happily celebrated being a year older. Unfortunately he had to go to work, but he did get to sleep in a bit, and come home early…so it wasn’t all bad.
We celebrated with his favorite dinner (which, sadly for him, he only gets once a year since it’s not my favorite), and his favorite dessert (with peanut butter M&M’s instead of regular).   
Along with dinner, we opened a few presents. With The New iPad and 1200 count Egyptian cotton sheets for our bed, I scored big points — he was a happy camper.
Can you guess who chose the wrapping paper?? Peanut said, “I think Daddy will REALLY like this one.” I had to oblige.
Here’s to one more year before this old man is officially over the hill 🙂
  • I forget that Philip is mine and Dave's age. You married an OLD man!! 🙂 Happy Birthday Philip! We should all go on a trip next summer to celebrate the big 30! But of course, Sorry Merrick, you will have to stay at home 😉

  • We just made those cookies last week (I've made them with PB M&Ms and somehow don't like them quite as much).

    What dinner is it that Philip loves and you don't?

    Happy birthday!

  • Happy birthday! The big 3-0 is easy – I just did it on Easter. My hubby's birthday is on Friday, he'll be 51!! But he looks 30, so it's just lovely. =)

    Great gifts, btw. I'm terrible at gifts – I have to ask hubbys what he wants. This year, a self-darkening welding helmet. Because that's hot….

  • Happy 3-0! I'm also feeling that same way about turning 30. In June, I'll be 29 and so scary to think it will be my last year saying "I'm in my 20's!" Grrrr! 🙂


  • Aw, sounds like he had a fabulous birthday! And what an awesome wife you are…his favorite dinner AND an iPad….sounds good to me 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  • Happy birthday to Philip! Sounds like he had a great birthday with all the wonderful food and amazing presents. My hubby did not love his 30th birthday but he's over it now that he's 31, ha.

    The Tiny Heart

  • Aw, happy birthday to hubby! I sort of dropped the ball when it came to my hubster's last bday; it was our first "married" birthday AND his 25th, so I wanted to make it special, but it fell the weekend after our honeymoon was over so I kind of forgot about it…. Whoops. Next year!

  • Aw you guys are to cute!!! I love this outfit by the way!

  • Happy birthday to him! He looks so cute when he got the iPad, haha. I also saved the M&M cookie recipe! thanks for sharing that ^^ x

  • Happy birthday to Philip!

  • Happy Birthday Philip! iPad sure knows how to make someone happy 🙂

  • Peanut looks so much like his Dad!

  • You are such a great wife! This sounds like a fun-packed birthday! I didn't even know they MADE 1200 count sheets but they sound heavenly!