Forcing Fall

[mustard cardigan: cozy, striped tunic: H&M, leggings: target, brown boots: target]

Tomorrow is the first day of September, which means fall is coming! And fall means boots! and cardigans! So even though it’s still sunny and a million degrees outside, I’m dressing for fall. Cause whether or not the weather is ready for fall, I am.

I’ll just wear extra deodorant today.

  • My outfit today (for tomorrow's prompt) is totally fall-ish too. Luckily our weather is cooperating, as our high today should be 65.

    I love the mustard on you. It looks great!

  • *audible gasp*

  • This is darling. It is so ludicrously hot in Texas right now, that I can't even LOOK at that outfit without breaking a sweat.

  • such a cute outfit! i always love an outfit with mustard. 🙂 and have i told you yet that I love the length of your hair right now? because i do!

  • I love the stripes and boots! Seriously darling!! Thank you for giving me a reason to be excited for fall!!

  • This is DARLING! And now…I must go shopping.

  • Sooo cute..I can't get enough of stripes…

  • AH! 100% LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit!

  • love this. i immediately wanted your dress. 🙂

  • SO CUTE! Where did you get the cardigan?