Ok…time for a little blog lovin’. The fun I had doing my fashion blogger guest post the other day has renewed a desire for blogging. Along with a little springy face lift, I’m back in business.

Get ready for more than one post a month…I feel it coming!

  • Oooh, nice redesign! I'm over due for one myself.

  • Bright and cheery!

  • Oh I like this new theme! Cute idea.

  • I LOOOOVE your new header and title!! So excited to read what you have in store!!!

  • VERY fun! I'll be glad to see more posts from you pop up in my reader. It's been a long cold winter. . .

  • YAY!!!! i've been waiting for this day! can't wait 🙂

  • Saw your guest post and loved it! How come you're such a beauty?? Also- LOVE this new blog enthusiasm and layout design! I've missed you!