Babies, Babies, Babies!

Remember that time that I did my 30 days: 30 paintings project before Christmas? Well, I couldn’t post pictures before Christmas, since nearly every one of them was a gift, and then I fell off the blogging bandwagon. So here I am nearly 4 months later, finally posting pictures. Oops…

Anyway, apparently people like their babies, cause I did quite a few baby paintings. Want to see? Well, here you go.


  1. the first one is my favorite! your SO talented!!!

  2. Chelsea says:

    Merk! So beautiful! You are one talented woman.

  3. kaila sue says:

    Dude, you are seriously so amazing! I love all of them!

  4. Brit says:

    Murock!!! These are gorgeous!!! Thank you so much for sharing your hard work with us! This makes me want to have babies for you to paint!!! Maybe we can start with the puppies… 🙂

  5. you are amazing. i'm in complete and utter awe. wow.

  6. Marie says:

    These are fabulous! I LOVE baby pictures!

  7. Emily Kate says:

    My father in law was here today and couldn't stop oohhing and ahhing over Addie's painting!

  8. Justine says:

    AH-MAZING!!! I dabble in a little bit of painting myself, but your stuff is soo beautiful. Love the little babes. You are uber talented!

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