Seven Months

Dear B,

I took on a very ambitious painting project for Christmas and it’s taking up ALL of my time. So I’m very behind on blogging, and now you’re nearly eight months. But better late than never, I guess.

Speaking of that painting project, I have been pretty much permanently fixed to my easel, basically only stopping to feed us. But despite that, you’ve been so good natured about the whole thing. You learned very quickly to play on your own, and once you started crawling you became incredibly self sufficient. At nights your dad and I spend tons of time with you, playing, reading, singing, and crawling around the house, so you’re still getting plenty of attention (lest you read this as a teenager and blame your craziness on childhood abandonment). But during the day you’re so good at entertaining yourself and being such a good boy. Oh, it makes me so happy.

Now that you’ve learned to crawl, you are all over the house. You follow me around like a tiny shadow, following my voice as I move from room to room. When I go to the bathroom during the day you crawl over to the door and just sit patiently until I get out — I think it’s the sweetest thing ever.

Your vocabulary has increased exponentially over the last month. You constantly jabber, squeal, grunt, and yell. You’re also pulling yourself up on the furniture, and very slowly starting to walk along the couch. You pick up on things so quickly and mimic pretty much anything that we do. It’s so fun to see you try to be just like me and Dad.

I don’t know what I’d do without you.

Love, Mommy


  1. Crawling? And walking along the couch?? Already?? Oh my goodness!!

  2. Bart says:

    B's a good sport about playing on his own, but the dog may need a little more attention. He looks kind of grumpy.

    Can't wait for B and Ella to play together (B will crawl circles around Ella while she rotates her head to watch him). It'll be good times for everyone.

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