Because I Needed Another Reason To Take Pictures Of Myself…

I’ve been taking these pictures every week (sometimes every other week) since week 6 of my pregnancy, which was the week we found out about Little Dude. They were kind of boring before now since I was stuck in that “looking fat” stage, but now I’m on to the “looking pregnant” stage so the pictures are a little more interesting.*

Along with taking a weekly photo, I’m writing the baby a little letter every week, talking about what changes have happened, how far my belly button sticks out now (hint: REALLY FAR), how I’m feeling, and all that good stuff. This is so fun. I am loving every second of this.

*A guy in our singles ward stopped me on Sunday and jokingly asked if I was pumping steroids into my stomach, because, “you didn’t look pregnant AT ALL, and now you’re HUGE!!” Thank you very much. I’m sure he’ll be getting married very soon with all that smooth talking.


  1. Packrat says:

    You are so cute! And love the dress! It is wonderful that you are writing letters.

  2. I find it amusing that once you become pregnant, people find the need to point out your hugeness. It's not nice, people.
    While we're growing life in our tummies, I would like to be referred to as "amazingly small."
    You look great, by the way! Simply glowing!

  3. sam says:

    stop being so cute and pregnant. 😉

  4. TheMoncurs says:

    I love your dress! Where did you get it? Is it maternity?

  5. Mrs. D says:

    you totally look like a hot mama!! unfortunately i am still in the ugly fat stage… yuck. you are so fab.

  6. Tara says:

    What a cute little bump. You look perfect, as always.

  7. Chelsea says:

    Smooth guy! What a catch. I think you look beautiful. Ignore everyone that says anything different.

  8. You're looking so good! Awh this makes me want to be pregnant again…but not that much… 🙂

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