HP and the HBP

As to not mess up a long standing tradition, Landen and I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince last night.

And although I’m tired today, it was awesome. Yeah, a little freaky at parts, but seriously awesome.


  1. Janssen says:

    Oh, I wish I'd been there to go! Too bad. . . .I can't wait to see it this weekend!

  2. Packrat says:

    Thank you for posting a snippet of your life. 😀

  3. Miriam says:

    Our wedding anniversary is this Fri and we'd like to go see this – but really don't want to go hours early enough to actually get in! May have to wait until next week – I've heard it's great!

  4. Hi Merrick! I just wanted to delurk and say hello! I found you on Definitely RA (I think), and have so enjoyed reading your blog lately. Your artwork is beautiful, and your craft ideas are so fun! (I also can't wait to see HP! Glad you documented your night!!) At any rate, thanks for your blog! Cheers!

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