DIY jean shorts (tutorial here)

A few months ago I came across a photo of a pair of rhinestone embellished jeans, and completely fell in love with them. I’m not usually one to love embellished jeans, since I’m a child of the rhinestone covered back pockets era and I’d be happy to not have to wear those ever again, but these ones were feminine, sparkly, unique, and still completely modern. So I did what I do best — I made a pair for myself.

Since it’s summer and it’s way too hot to be wearing full length jeans most of the time (especially in Huntington Beach where no one has air conditioning), I made them with a pair of denim cut-offs. But I’m already itching to make another pair with full length jeans — they’d be so fantastic for the holidays!

I’m sharing the easy tutorial over on SheKnows this month — hop over and check it out!

Happy Monday!