There are a few specific items I’ve had my eye on for fall. I’m planning to sew myself quite a few new pieces, and refashion a few things, like a floral contrast sweatshirt similar to this one from j.crew (don’t worry, I’ll make a tutorial!), but there are also a few other pieces I wouldn’t mind adding to my closet like that gorgeous tote or those edgy black boots.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Jenni says:

    LOVE those cute earrings…they are gorgeous! Also a fan of that embellished sweatshirt…excited to see your take on it! Great picks!

  2. Embellished sweatshirts is fashion's best idea yet, says I. Looking forward to the tutorial.

  3. Marianne T says:

    Love those earrings!! I have been eyeing that tote for quite some time now lol. Definitely looking forward to that embellished sweatshirt tutorial!

  4. Kelly says:

    Those boots are so freaking awesome! And I love that Madewell tote…. AHHHH so much temptation!

  5. Abigail says:

    Ooh! Can't wait for your tutorial on the sweatshirt! I've been loving glammed-up sweatshirts for the fall! 🙂

  6. runtspickins says:

    I love that tote! It's quite pricey for me, but there is a really similar version at Old Navy for about $32. =]


  7. Sara Miller says:

    Can't wait for the sweatshirt tutorial! It sounds like something I could totally make!

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