What To Wear??

Lately I’ve been feeling a little blah about my wardrobe. I feel like I have a lot of good pieces, but I can’t seem to put them together in a fun way. I’ve also been thinking that I’m dressing a little too old, and Philip’s commented on it a few times as well. I’m only 21 once! I want to have a fun wardrobe and dress in fun and creative ways!

I’ve been getting some inspiration from Jessica’s fun fashion blog and I think I’ve decided to create a little fashion blog of my own. It might take some extra time and effort, but if I had to take a photo of myself every morning before I walked out the door, I think I’d try a little harder in the morning (or evening) to put together a great outfit. It would also be a good way to figure out what I have, what I don’t wear that’s taking up room in my closet, and what basic pieces I’m missing in my wardrobe.

Here’s the other dilemma…I don’t really want to do this blog all my myself. What’s the fun in giving everyone else inspiration (or maybe not) and not getting inspiration from others?

Anyone willing to start a blog like this with me? How much fun would it be to document all your outfits? Maybe not every day, but once a week?


  1. Mrs. D says:

    I would totally be game. I feel like I wear the same ten outfits and this would definately be a way to get me out of that rut.. and give me an excuse to go shopping. if you will take me, count me in!

  2. Emily says:

    New York has ruined all my clothes and I don’t have the budget for a new wardrobe so I’m not help but I look forward to seeing yours. I’m especially interested to see how you use the same pieces in different ways- I’m bad at that!

  3. I checked out that blog, and it looks like she has some staple pieces in cool colors and just has funky awesome accessories.
    I would be game, but I wear a variation of three different yoga pants and a sweatshirt of varying designs. So I’m no help!

  4. Amber says:

    ah – this would be fun! I would do it with ya Merrick 🙂 maybe kim would too — she’s always soo stylish!

  5. Miriam says:

    Seemed like you mom suggested doing something like this awhile ago – bet she would be game! I would be totally too intimidated to participate! But I’d love to lurk and watch 🙂

  6. Landen says:

    Merx, there is another closet only a few blocks away:) It is willing to share with you! You can come over and borrow! I just bought a new shirt and shoes…hehehe

  7. Ahh yes- I am TRYING to become more fashionable everyday- after the pregnancy whoa- and now that I’m getting my body back I am trying to get my fashion sense back too- Laura has been AMAZING in this dept. She’s the most fashionable person I know! I’d be willing to participate as the ‘new mom regains fashion bearings while getting comfortable with her body again’ it would be a true ‘what not to wear’ expereince for everyone! Stacy and Clinton are still trying to teach me:)

  8. Ashley says:

    Ya. I dont think that I would even look at that blog if you make one…it would just depress me!

  9. haha, a fashion blog is such a cute idea! i don’t know if i could participate though…since my show is coming up in a little more than a WEEK, i barely have time to get dressed before leaving the apartment, let alone pick out a cute outfit!!!

  10. Packrat says:

    Do it! Would love to see what you girls come up with. Sounds fun.

    I do have to say that after going shopping yesterday, I am not impressed with the most of the new clothes. The styles in Macys and Gottchalks are late 60’s, early 70’s made from what I would call old lady wild prints and polyester fabrics of the early 70’s.

    I do like the colors (bright yellows, corals, navy, and white) for the more classic lines of sportswear though.

  11. Miriam says:

    Actually, I have a cute outfit on today that I wore to church (totally copied a combination that Ashley put together once when she was here and had to borrow my clothes!) Sometimes it just takes a fresh look at your old things!

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