What Self Care Looks Like For Me (Hint: It’s Not Bubble Baths)

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So many self care articles preach bubble baths and pedicures, but self care is so much more than that for me. These are ten things I do to give myself the care I really need.


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Over the last few years I’ve seen so many articles about self care, and how important it is to have that “me time.”

I’m in complete agreement with that statement, but often the ideas for self care are not super helpful for me.

Maybe you feel the same.

So I want to share ten things I do and have done to really take care of myself.


10 ways to take care of yourself
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10 ways to take better care of yourself

Ten self help activities that actually make your life better.

Every one of these things makes me feel fulfilled, less worried, more happy, and give me more purpose in my life. Try them out for yourself — you deserve it!


Be creative. Humans are meant to create, so sitting down and spending a few hours creating something can bring you so much happiness, fulfillment, and purpose. I love to sew, color with my kids, or make an elaborate meal.

Learn something new. Increase your education; learn, and grow. I don’t necessarily mean go to college (although definitely do that if you’d like!), I mean read a book to learn something new, take a class, watch a few hours of youtube videos to learn a new skill…these are just three out of the hundreds of ways you can stretch your brain.

Make time for quiet meditation or reading time, studying scriptures, or praying. Regardless of what you believe in, taking time to connect to a higher power (for me that’s God) gives you new perspective like nothing else can.

Unplug. Gosh, couldn’t we all use this? Spending a whole day away from my phone always gives me a renewed sense of purpose and direction. It’s so important to do regularly — I wish I was better at doing it!

Work on my confidence. Gaining self confidence is a domino effect — it improves your motivation and drive, it improves your relationships, it gives you passion and purpose! How do you work on your confidence you ask? The Life Coach School Podcast is one of my favorites and she has a handful of great episodes about self confidence. Check out all of them HERE!

Let go of a bad friendship. We probably all have someone in our lives that is just plain old tough, and it’s not a relationship that serves you in anyway anymore. Get rid of it. Slowly ease out of it, and even if you see each other once in a while, you can create that space and release them from your mental space. It’s worth every bit of “break up” stress, because walking away from a bad friendship or relationship is so important.

Go to bed early and get a good night sleep. Sometimes I feel like the world is caving in on me and I’m stressed out of my mind. And then I realize that I just feel that way because I haven’t slept enough in the past week. Shut everything down at 9:30pm at just go to bed. Everything is less overwhelming after a good night’s sleep.

Set goals, long term and short term. Speaking of overwhelm, goals are a great way I keep myself from being overwhelming. Breaking each goal down by category and timeline makes it so much more attainable, and gives me a clear path to reach my big goals.

Laugh and take time to be carefree. My kids help me with this more than anything. They ask me to run through the sprinklers in the backyard, or play catch with the baseball together. We laugh and play, and it’s a great reminder that life is so much better than when we laugh and play our way through it.

Exercise every day. I’ve made this a huge priority in my life this past year, and it’s made a huge difference in my happiness. I love to listen to podcasts while I run, and my favorites are ones with motivational or self help themes (The Life Coach School and The Alison Show are two favorites). I’m telling you, releasing endorphins while getting motivation is more therapeutic than anything I’ve ever experienced. I come home everyday with a clear head and tons of motivation. It’s the best way to start my day — this is why I never miss a day!


I’d love to know what your self care looks like, or if you’ll be trying out any of these ideas!

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  1. Lakenia Jenkins says:

    I run and am currently training for a full marathon. I read lots of books (when my children and work allow). Last year, I learned to play the piano along with my six year old. it had been something I wanted to do for years and we did it together.

  2. Exercise is definitely my number one me time. I can tell such a difference for myself mentally if I don’t get out there and get a run in for a few days!


  3. Angela Manley says:

    That is amazing! you captured my every thought on my self-care REGIMEN. Those are things i have been doing this past year! Especially being creative. I express my creativity in sewing by creating my own designs. It brings me such FULFILLMENT and Joy and putting God first, is where all my CREATIVITY comes from. Very well written article.

  4. Patricia Ferro says:

    Thank you VERY MUCH for this post!

  5. Mish says:

    What a great list! I have done or am doing all of these in one way or another, especially this year as I graduated with an MBA in June and I know have extra time to focus on the things that got passed over, like exercise 🙂 My partner travels a lot for work and as such I can spend part or all of my weeknights at home alone with the dog, so I add in some self care with one of the Ted Talks YouTube videos. Most are less than 20 minutes in length, so I can watch them while I eat dinner alone and I either learn something, laugh, smile or just expand my understanding on a topic. I highly recommend them 🙂

  6. I want to be so stylish as you are… So, I will bookmark this blog and wait for the new and fresh entries. Take care now!

  7. joy says:

    Love this! I completely agree. Mental and physical self care are so much more than a simple bath. Yes, BAths are WONDERFUL, but there are so many other action steps as well to having balanced self care. Great post!

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