Three Easy Outfit Tricks To Make Your Legs Look a Mile Long

two easy tricks for making your legs look longer in an outfit

I think most women are always looking for tricks to make their legs look longer and leaner. These three styling tricks with jeans and boots will make all the difference! 

Outfit Details:
Beaded Sweater (UNDER $40!!)
Mott and Bow Jeans (TTS and so comfortable!)
Black Sock Booties (TTS)
Old Black Quilted Bag (Similar HERE

I think most of us would agree that we’d like to wear things that make us look taller and leaner. Yes?

These three really simple outfit styling tricks will have you looking taller in no time at all.

two easy tricks to make your legs look a mile long
this gorgeous beaded sweater is under $40!

Try these three outfit tips to make your legs look longer and leaner!

  1. Wear dark wash jeans. Yep, the first tip is as easy as that. Dark wash jeans (whether they’re dark blue, dark gray, or black) will make your legs look leaner. I know that light wash denim is super trendy right now, but it doesn’t do any favors for your legs. Think about a little black dress — why are they the universally flattering dress? Because dark colors hide basically everything and make you look more narrow. That’s step one, but it’s not complete with out step two.
  2. Wear shoes with a pointed toe. Seriously, these are the most doable tips, right?! A pointed toe on a flat, boot, or heel is always going to make your leg look longer. Why? Because it’s basically putting an arrow on the end of your toes that points wayyyyyy out into the distance where the end of your foot must be. Voila! An illusion that your legs are a mile long!
  3. Half tuck or fully tuck your shirt. The more of your jeans that you see, the longer your legs look. If you half tuck your shirt, you see your entire leg line from your waistband to your ankles, and that makes your legs look so much longer! If you’re struggling with the half tuck, I have a VIDEO TUTORIAL RIGHT HERE!

For my outfit, I wore a POINTED TOE SOCK BOOTIE with my DARK WASH JEANS, and the combination of the two gives that “legs for days” look.

I know I always say you need a gap between your shoes and your jeans, but there are occasional exceptions to that rule. A sock bootie is an exception because it’s shaft is so high. So don’t worry about having that little peek of leg above the boot.


Oh and here’s a bonus tip:

  • Make sure your jeans are the correct length. A super scrunched up hemline at your ankle is a surefire way to make your legs look stumpy. Trust me. A little bit of bunching is fine, but if your jeans are clearly several inches too long, it’s time to chop them off.  If you need some help hemming those jeans, I have a TUTORIAL RIGHT HERE.


Think you can put these tips into practice? I know you can do it!


photos by Priscilla Frey

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  1. KARa says:

    Do you ever tuck your pants into your boots? Im short, plus my thighs are a little thicker and so i feel like my legs always look stumpy. Even with Skinny jeans. Where should my jeans hIt?

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