4 Ways to Refresh Your Closet Without Buying Anything

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Merrick's Art Skirt and Boots

Outfit Details:

Striped Bodycon Dress (old, similar Here and Here), Sweater (also love this one), Ankle Boots, Crossbody Bag, Sunglasses, Watch

Happy Monday! With the start of the new year, it’s always a good time for a closet refresh. And although I love picking up some new things, sometimes all you need is a new outlook to make your closet feel refreshed!

So today I’m sharing 4 ways to refresh your closet without having to buy anything.

Merrick's Art Stripes
Merrick's Art Oversized Sweater
Merrick's Art Striped Skirt
Merrick's Art Cable Knit Sweater

1. Wear a piece in a new way. This is such an easy way to bring new life to a piece. In the outfit above, I wore my striped bodycon dress as a skirt. I love that the sleeves peek out under the sweater a little bit and makes it looks like just a cute pencil skirt. You could also wear a dress tucked into a skirt like I did here, or wear a bomber, denim, or leather jacket zipped/buttoned completely up and worn as a top.

2. Wear an unexpected pair of shoes. Wear a pair of sneakers with a dress. Dress up your sweatshirt and jeans with some stilettos. Roll up your boyfriend jeans and wear them with tall ankle boots. Wear bright white sneakers with a dark, neutral outfit. Add a splash of color with some bright flats. There are endless possibilities — you won’t know how good it could look until you try it! (And keep in mind, some shoe options might not work, but they’re worth trying. Almost every day I stand in front of the mirror with two different shoes on and lift one foot, then the other, trying to decide between two pairs. You might find your new favorite outfit this way!)

3. Add a layer. When you’re bored of a top, make it fresh with a new layer! Throw a striped tee under a sweater so the hem or sleeves are peeking out, like this. Layer a collared shirt under a tee. Wear an unbuttoned shirt over a tee and then layer a jacket over both of them. Layer with a scarf like this. Tie a shirt around your waist. Layer two tees together, like this. Button a jacket over a shirt, like I did here.

4. Try a new color combination. This is one of my favorites. I always create my favorite outfits when I experiment with new color combos. Try a monochromatic look like this one. Or try a bold solid black and white combo. Or maybe rich hues paired together, like this? Look through your closet and find two things you’ve never paired together before. It’s fun to do it with a skirt and a top, a jacket and a blouse, a scarf and a sweater, tights and a skirt, or a hat and a coat. It works with shoes and tops too, but I think it works the best with pieces that are right next to each other or layered on top of each other.

Any other ideas to refresh your closet? Share in the comments!

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  1. Aprile says:

    Great ideas Merrick! How about…clothing swap with similar sized friends/sisters. Raid your husbands closet for that perfect, oversized slouchy sweater. Accessorize!

  2. Krista says:

    Great ideas! Saving for later for inspo!


  3. sharonhuxford says:

    I think I have all the ingredients for this! lol Boots just delivered today!

  4. Helen Veyna says:

    I’ve been trying to spend less on clothes and these are such great tips for refreshing your wardrobe! I’ve definitely been trying to style things I already own in new ways, but I also want to try new color combinations. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Natali says:

    Cute, comfy and stylish outfit! 🙂


  6. Mish Young says:

    Scarves! I have more than a few scarves in my wardrobe and they’re perfect for changing up the same outfit. I recently splurged and bought six new ones and although three of them have polka dots, they are different to each other. plus I had to have a floral and a quirky cat one too. The forecast for the next few days here in Brisbane is for a heatwave [thanks Summer], so I will be using my new scarf collection to keep the sun off my shoulders outside and keep the aircon off my shoulders inside the office!

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