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5 Activities My Kids and I Are Doing This Summer

Last week I realize that we only have five weeks of school left until summer! And as much as I love the structure of the school year, and the opportunity to spend more individual time with each of the boys, I'm really excited to not set my alarm clock for 7:00am every morning.

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My Daily Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack

Last year I made some big changes in my eating habits. I have slim genetics so I’ve always been naturally thin, but after three kids I started noticing some changes in my body, and weight that was always fairly easy to keep off…suddenly wasn’t. My...

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We’ve had a secret that we’ve been keeping for a few months now — we bought a house! Since we moved to California four years ago, we’ve been renting a home by the beach. With my husband’s job, we only planned to be here for...

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