5 Spring Momiform Outfits you can put together right now

There are so many versions of the Momiform out there, but I tend to wear the same combinations over and over, just with different pieces. Today I’m rounding up a few of my favorites and sharing them in flat lays so they’re easier to see. Leave me a comment and tell me if you like this format!


#1. Pullover Sweater, Jeans (on sale for $28!), Striped Tee, and Flats.

You could also swap out the flats or sneakers or ankle boots, and layer a shirt under your sweater like I did here. Shop a few of my favorites below!

#2. Jogger Pants, Tee, Leather Jacket, Sneakers.

You could also toss on a hat with this look! Shop some of my favorite joggers and jackets below.

Merrick's Art Momiform Cardigan and Boyfriend Jeans

#3. Chunky Cardigan, Tee, Boyfriend JeansAnkle Boots.

You could swap out the cardigan for a jacket like this one, and the ankle boots for sneakers or flats like these or these! Shop some of my favorite chunky cardigans below.

#4: Black Jeans, Chambray Button Down, Infinity Scarf (only $15!), Ankle Boots.

I wore this look here early last year when I was pregnant with San. Switch it up by wearing sneakers or flats instead of ankle boots, or swap out the chambray button down for a sweater or tee. Shop some of my favorite scarves and button downs here!

#5. Leather Leggings, Tee, a Jacket, and Sneakers.

Try swapping out the jacket for a cardigan, like I did here. Shop my favorite faux leather leggings and jackets here.


  • Katie Olson

    I really liked this post! Very relatable.

    • merrickwhite

      I’m so glad! Thanks for your comment, Katie!

  • Cute looks, especially the 2nd one!

    Liz @ ShoppingMyCloset.com

    • merrickwhite

      Thanks, Liz! Can’t go wrong with jogger pants 😉

  • Benedetta

    Like them all..so pretty!!!
    Be Happy with Fashion

    • merrickwhite

      Thanks, lady!

  • Love this format! I heart flat lays.

    • merrickwhite

      Thanks for the feedback!

  • Clever Shopping 101

    Love all of these! It’s nice to get some new ideas for the stuff I already have in my closet. Thanks!

    • merrickwhite

      I’m so glad it’s helpful! xx

  • Jen

    Cute looks! I love the flat lays but I don’t understand why you didn’t use the same items that you were wearing in them. I would’ve liked that better.

    • merrickwhite

      Thanks for your question! I purposely did it to show two versions of the same kind of outfit. Just to give some more options and inspiration.

  • LOVE this post, will def be using some of these ideas!

  • Maury Harris

    Really love this post. Thank you!