OLD TOP, SIMILAR HERE and HERE  ||  JEANS (my favorite boyfriend jeans, and only $88!)  ||  HEELS c/o BORN  ||  SIMILAR JACKET  ||  SIMILAR CLUTCH  ||  LIPSTICK (color: “please me”)

As you build your wardrobe, the key to a successful closet is finding pieces that are versatile. It’s one of my main shopping criteria, and I’m always asking myself “how many different ways can I wear this?” before I purchase.

But shoes are usually a little less versatile because a casual shoe is harder to dress up, and a fancy shoe is harder to dress down. So I was so excited to find this pair of chunky heeled sandals from Børn that are a perfect in between and can easily be worn both during the day and for date night! And the best part is that you can actually wear them all day because they’re made of high quality leather and constructed with special cushion that makes them insanely comfortable.

The other day I wore them with boyfriend jeans and a lace top for an easy day look for running errands and hanging at the park with my boys, and then the look was so easy to dress up for date night with just a few little additions — pulling my hair down, adding a little color on my lips, swapping out my purse, and adding a jacket. It’s an easy little formula for transitioning a look from day to night, and even easier with a pair of shoes that lets me go all day long!

    Created in partnership with Born Shoes  ||  photos by rad and happy


    1. Natali says:

      Absolutely perfect outfit, easy to transition from day to night, comfy, trendy and elegant! 🙂

    2. Sarah Polk says:

      I wish I was your sister so I could raid your closet! Do you ever sell online through Instagram (or anywhere else)?
      Also, I have that stroller and love it! I thought I remember a while back you did a post on another stroller though—BOB maybe?
      <3, Sarah

      • Merrick says:

        I do have an online instagram shop and plan to sell a bunch of things this summer — stay tuned!

        And yes, I have this stroller and the Bugaboo Donkey. I love and use both of them all the time!

    3. Brooke says:

      Help! I ordered these jeans and would love to know how you covered the rip in the upper thigh!

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