Do any of you guys shop for clothes in the store anymore?  (Target doesn’t count…). I’m an almost exclusive online shopper these days because of two wiggly little boys who make it almost impossible to shop around, let alone make it through a dressing room session. 

In the past, online shopping has always had its drawbacks for me since I can’t see the items in person, I can’t try them on before purchasing, and I have to wait for the item to arrive (and ain’t nobody got time for that). Plus, returning things seemed like such a hassle. In fact, I’ve kept things I didn’t love that much just because I didn’t want to go through the bother of returning them (stupid, I know).

But this past year I had an epiphany about online shopping. Buy from stores that work for you. Let me tell you what I mean with these four stores little online shopping tips:

1. Shop at big retailer stores. I still shop at smaller stores occasionally, but big retailers that carry lots of items (beauty products, dresses, shoes, accessories, etc) are always my go-to because I can buy everything in one order. Having to order one item from one store, two from another, one from another…that just gets crazy. So find store that carry all kinds of different things to save you some time.

2. Find stores with free shipping and returns (with no minimum purchase requirements). Paying for shipping drives me crazy, so finding stores that have free shipping and returns is huge for me. Plus, trying on clothing at home is way better than trying it on in the dressing room. Raise your hand if you’ve come home with at least 10 pieces of clothing in your life that looked totally different once you tried them on again at home.

Also, I found a mail center right next to my son’s school that ships FedEx, UPS, and USPS, so it’s quick and easy to drop any returns in the mail, no matter who they use for shipping. I’d highly recommend finding a mail center in your area and using it for returns!

3. Fast shipping is a game changer. I’m not an especially impatient person, but waiting for items to arrive in the mail is torturous. Zappos is my very favorite for this because they have free 2-day shipping. I mean, how amazing is that? Every single time I order something, I’m shocked when it shows up on my doorstep less than 48 hours later. I also do a happy dance.

4. “Return within 30 days” policies are no good. There’s a store I used to shop at frequently, but when I had to return items a few times, I discovered they didn’t accept any returns three weeks after your purchase date. Three weeks is like three minutes, as far as I’m concerned, so I rarely shop there anymore because returning things is so stressful. You have to return items from Zappos within 365 days…so now we’re talking.

Are you seeing the theme? Find online retailers that put the customer first. They have an always will have my business. And save your seven dollars in shipping fees and buy yourself something nice.

this post was created in partnership with Zappos, a store I genuinely love and shop at (mostly because of their free and fast shipping 😉