MY OUTFIT DETAILS: hand me down leather jacket, similar here || j.crew shirt last year, similar here || similar jeans || brooks sneakers, c/o || petunia pickle bottom purse, c/o  

FOS’S OUTFIT DETAILS: Target flannel, similar here || gap shorts last year, similar here || freshly picked moccs, c/o

Anyone with a baby knows that they require a LOT of stuff. Parents turn into pack mules the second we have to walk out the door — it’s kind of ridiculous, but so many items are really essential. Just in the last year, I’ve entered the bare minimum phase of motherhood where I can walk out the door with no more than an an extra diaper and a package of fruit snacks, but the pack mule days aren’t far enough behind me that I’ve completely forgotten. 
And now that I have two kids, I’ve discovered items that are essential for me as a mom, and Nordstrom is the best one-stop-shop for all of these items. They have the most amazing quality items that will last me through all my babies, rather than having to re-purchase with every child. Plus, they have the best sales, so you can snag your favorites at a great price point and save them for your baby, and it’s always free shipping and free returns, so you can’t beat that.

Here’s a few of my baby essentials that I’ve used for both of my boys when they were babies and now that they’re older: 

1. Swaddling blankets have been lifesavers for both of my babies. Fresh out of the womb, most babies like to be snuggled up tight to remind them of those warm, close quarters. And even 2 1/2 years later, Fos sleeps with his every night. I’ve tried a ton of different kinds for swaddling, but these super lightweight ones are so soft, make swaddling easy, and are my very favorite. 
2. Nursing pillows are total essentials for any nursing mom. I always forget how tired your arms get after holding a baby for hours, and these give your arms the perfect support for holding and snuggling those babies while nursing. I used mine pretty much every time I nursed (at home) until Fos stopped nursing at 16 months, so I definitely got my money’s worth!
3. Diaper Bags. I have tried about 10 different diaper bags over the course of two babies, so I know what I like and don’t. I’ve tried real diaper bags, regular bags that I just used a diaper bag, expensive diaper bags, and cheap diaper bags. And I’ll tell you right now that the higher end ones are definitely worth it. I purchased a cheap one with my first baby and it was torn to shreds in about four months. And regular bags just don’t cut it as a diaper bag replacement because they don’t come with enough pockets or compartments. Plus, I love that almost every single real diaper bag comes with a changing pad and other accessories. Go for a real diaper bag.
4. Baby carriers or baby wraps saved my life with a second baby. With my first they weren’t so essential, but when I was running a toddler around (and going through our move to California), Fos lived in my baby wrap for a few weeks.  
5. My kids live in jammies for the first few weeks of their lives, so some cozy pajamas are definitely essential. Even now, good cozy jammies are a priority since our house is frigid at night. I especially like the ones with footies so my babies don’t wake up with frozen toes. 
6. Baby Leggings. When Fos was baby, I was looking for a good pair of pants he could wear with onesies, since it was a little too cold to wear just a onesie. I couldn’t find any cute leggings until I raided the girls section, and suddenly found a ton of good options. I obviously avoided the ones with ruffles and bows, but I found a bunch of cute striped and solid pairs he wore constantly for the first year of his life. 
7. We bought a baby tub when our first was born and although I didn’t realize how necessary it was a the time, I found out pretty quickly when we went on vacation and didn’t have one. Soaped up babies are like greased pigs (in the words of my mom), and slip right out of your grasp! So having them safe in a tub while you clean them off is essential. I love the kinds that you can put right into the bathtub, but I’ve also heard that the sink kinds are great too. 
8. Monthly Onesies. While onesies are definitely essential, these monthly ones aren’t as essential, but I love the idea of having something to track your baby’s monthly growth. I did this with both of my boys, and these are the cutest little onesies to help you do that. 
9. Although strollers can definitely be a big ticket item, they are absolutely an essential. When I was pregnant with B, someone told me I should get a double stroller since I was planning to have more than one baby, and I thought she was crazy. But now with all the good options of convertible strollers, I’d give someone the same advice. Buy the base and one seat now, and then all you have to get is a second seat when you have another baby. We have the Bugaboo Donkey, and I love how easily it converts from one to two seats, and then even has a skateboard you can attach when #3 comes along! 
Okay, I’m officially baby hungry after writing this post 😉 What are your baby essentials?? 
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  1. That’s an awesome stroller and I love that bag.


  2. Natali says:

    You look fantastic in this “mommy on duty” outfit! Also, couldn’t agree more on the baby essentials that you’ve pointed out!


  3. chickbunhomeschool says:

    $1,100 dollars for a stroller! WOW it ought to be good.

  4. Jessica Hasman says:

    Hmmmm….i wonder if someone might be pregnant….??!

  5. ltibb74 says:

    Seriously? You’re recommending a $1100 stroller? You can buy three for that price. How about sharing some items that everyday families can afford.

    • Merrick says:

      I’m just recommending a convertible stroller so it can be used for your first baby and then also as you have more children 🙂 This just happens to be the one that I have, but I’m sure you can find ones at lower price points!

      • Andrea Schaaf says:

        I love the donkey. The push is incredible and even though it might not be for everyone it’s a wonderful option. And from experience of you’re looking for a great stroller that will actually look brand new five years later and last through a few kids this is the one.

  6. Jessica says:

    How do you look so fabulous after having two kids?! I’m not a mom, but I can guarantee that I wouldn’t look as wonderful as you. Love the essentials and the outfit!


  7. Sharon Huxford says:

    That stroller price is madness lol I may push the wee baby in a wheelbarrow at this rate lol lol
    Or a Radio flyer wagon lol

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