When you’re building a great closet, it’s important to start with the essentials and basics so you have a good foundation of clothing. But once you have that covered, you can move on to the more unique and fun pieces that help you express yourself and bring out your personality. For me, this camouflage jacket is totally one of those pieces. It’s definitely not a “must have” type of piece, but it’s quickly becoming a staple in my closet and I’m finding it incredibly versatile. Seriously, I would wear it every day if it was still cool enough. 
Camo has recently become somewhat of a neutral, and like an olive green utility jacket, this camo jacket is lightweight but warm, comfy but a little bit structured, and can easily be dressed up or dressed down. 
For a casual day, I’ll pair it with a simple gray sweatshirt, distressed jeans, and cute sneakers, then throw my hair in a topknot and I’m good for day at the park with my kids. 
But just because camo seems casual, it can definitely be paired with your dressier items as long as you strike the right balance. Here I paired the jacket with a little black dress and some big sparkly earrings, then toned down the dressiness of the look with some brown ankle boots which helps the casual jacket feel more purposeful and less out of place. I also used a tote bag rather than a clutch, since the clutch would feel a little bit too dressy, and added a pink lip since that was a good way to add a bit of color without being so bold.
Outfit 1: 
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Outfit 2: 
I’m kind of loving doing these Dressed Up Dressed Down posts, figuring out how to stretch my the pieces in my closet to work for all occasions. What do you think…do you want to see more? 
You can see my first one here with a basic striped dress!