The weekend after Christmas was our seven year wedding anniversary.

We go back and forth planning each year, and this year it was Philip’s turn to plan. Since his parents were coming to California for New Years, we asked them to watch the boys so we could go on an overnight getaway. It was our first time being away from the boys overnight at the same time (we’ve both separately been gone from them), but since we were only an hour away in Beverly Hills, it was good first run, and as it turned out, everything went great.

We left in the early afternoon on Friday and drove around Hollywood for an hour or so until we could check into our hotel. We stopped at Greystone Mansion and since the grounds were open to the public, we stopped and walked around. They were unbelievably gorgeous.

After checking into the hotel room (with only one mishap where our room’s deadbolt had been locked from the inside and I was sure that once we got in we would find a dead body), we got dressed up and headed out to dinner at Spago. It was AMAZING. We got a spinach pasta with mushrooms and a creamy sausage sauce  for an appetizer (I could have eaten an entire pot of that stuff), and the prime rib for two for our entree that came with an amazing rich pepper sauce and the most cheesy, gooey, divine cheesy mashed potatoes. Philip gave it a 9.5, which is the highest score I’ve ever heard that tough grader give (I give everything a 10…). I’ll be dreaming about that dinner for years, I think.

After dinner, we walked up and down Rodeo Drive. We had walked it earlier while it was bustling with people, but now all the shops were closed and it was calm and quiet, with just soft Christmas music serenading our walk. It was romantic and fun, walking down the streets, looking through the windows at a million gorgeous things. We stopped at Bouchon Bakery on our way back to the hotel for some french macaroons and a homemade oreo (the macaroons were amazing, the oreo was not).

For Christmas, I bought Philip some french cuff dress shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt, and then RedEnvelope generously sent him some beautiful monogrammed cuff links, which I surprised him with after dinner on our anniversary. My favorite part is that they’re lockets, so I plan to stick a picture of me in one, and the boys in the other. He wore them the other day and looks incredibly dapper. It was a special little gift to give him after we got back from dinner on Friday night. (They also have all sorts of other gorgeous and unique wedding and anniversary gifts, which you can see here!)
The next morning, after a gloooorious sleep in, we check out and then drove down to Hollywood where we ate lunch and then played tourist for a few hours by taking one of those Beverly Hill, Hollywood, Celebrity Home bus tours. So fun to just sit in a bus and sight see together. 
I wished the weekend would never end, but all too quickly it was over and we were heading back to our babes. But you can bet I’m already planning our next getaway sans children. 
coat: c/o sheinside
jeans: old navy
heels: DIY

cufflinks: c/o RedEnvelope (check out their other gorgeous wedding & anniversary gifts here!)
suit: off saks 5th 
tie: similar
shoes: nordstrom


  1. Kimberly says:

    This sounds so amazing! Aren't little getaways the best? Looks like you had a fabulous & relaxing time – love that coat on you, too 🙂

  2. Looks like it was a great time! We are headed to California for spring break this year. I can't wait!

    Tracy @Its Mostly About Fashion

  3. L says:

    I'm pretty sure we had a painting class together at BYU sometime between 2005-2007. You look so familiar and I remember a girl named Merrick in my class. My name was Lee Neilson at the time. If that's you, it's a small world indeed!

  4. Weekends away are the best! So glad you guys got to do this.

  5. Daveana says:

    Haha! I absolutely love Philip's socks!

  6. Happy Anniversary! Looks like you had an amazing time together! I would love dinner at Spago sometime, it sounds delish!


  7. Katie says:

    I'd love to know where you got the baseball hat you are wearing, it's adorable! hopefully I linked my email address correctly to my profile.

  8. Leanne says:

    Sounds like an amazing weekend! And here's to CT dress shirts! Garrett is obsessed.

  9. Katie says:

    Do you think you'll ever do a review of Sheinside? I've seen the brand come up on your site a few other fashion bloggers but google searches come up with some horror stories and really mixed reviews. Would love to hear your thoughts!

    And happy anniversary 🙂

  10. Elle says:

    Happy anniversary! Our 7-year wedding anniversary was Dec 22nd :). Pretty close! Beautiful photos, I'm glad you had a great time!

  11. Miss C says:

    Where was that picture overlooking the city taken? That seems like an amazing spot.

    • The first one with the balcony (and my husband in the photo) is at Greystone Mansion. The second one of just the city was up on some hill on our bus tour. I don't know LA well enough to tell you where we were…sorry! 🙂

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