Over the weekend, my parents came into town. They make a trip to LA for my Dad’s birthday every year, stay at the same fancy hotel, rent a convertible, and spend an evening at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. This year, since we’re close, they invited us to go with them, but I’ll share more about that later this week! 
On Saturday, Philip had a golf date with his boss in the morning and several basketball games in the evening, so the boys and I headed to Irvine to meet up with my parents. We spent the day at the Great Park, riding the unlimited for $3 carousel, playing on the playground, and riding up in the air balloon. After a few busy weeks of work, it was the perfect day to relax and spend time with my family.  

jacket: c/o persunmall
tee: h&m
jeans: american eagle
boots: c/o jellypop
sunglasses: c/o choies
bag: c/o lily jade

hat: h&m
vest: c/o kapital k
shirt: c/o tea collection
shorts: c/o kohls

overalls: target
button up: c/o kapital k

  • Aww this looks like so much fun – my parents are coming to visit us for Thanksgiving & I cannot wait! 🙂

  • looks like you had a fabulous weekend! xo

  • Love this look! That plaid top and those booties are amazing!

    The Style Storm
    xo, Christina

  • that's your mom!?!? she looks like she could be your sister!

  • I looooove that jacket ! Amazing

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  • What a fun weekend. I simply cannot believe that is your mom & dad. They look like they could be your brother & sister! Wow!

  • Susanne and Caroline, you are my new favorite people! I think Merx must have photo-shopped my wrinkles out. . .bless her.

  • Your mother is so beautiful. I just adore her and your whole family! What I would do to be a Gates girl.

    • Youve been an honorary daughter for years!

  • These photos are so lovely!

  • I agree with the other comments! I couldn't see a close up of your dad but your mom looks so young! It looks like it was a fun time with your family. I like how you work the shirt open for more of an informal look.

  • The plaid bomber is so fun…you're looking VERY California 🙂

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life (Skincare fanatic? Enter my Enza Essentials giveaway!)

  • I know where you girls get your looks from, your Mum is a beauty!

  • I love your parents! Such a fun weekend.

    • We love you too, Olivia!

  • What a gorgeous family.

  • I am crazy about that outfit. But seriously, you'd look darling in anything.

  • I live less than 1 mile from the Great Park and have yet to gone on the balloon! Magic Castle is such a great place. I've only been there once and it was an awesome experience!


  • I always love your dressier outfits too, but this is one of my favorites…maybe because I live in Portland where everything is more casual like this :). Definitely something I would wear and you look lovely as always.

  • So……….. I wish I could steal your closet?

  • Are those your parent's?? They are both so young!!

  • I love that your look is a little grunge-ish, but classic and pulled together. Perfect for a family weekend…or to finally put on instead of lying on the couch this lazy Saturday morning. 🙂 Gorgeous as always, Merrick!

  • The bloody hell?
    That is your mum?????

    How? is it magic? sorry
    She's lovely!
    I kept scrolling up and down, slowly because I thought I was missing the parents
    Also Dad looks young

  • So fun! And fun to see pics of your parents . . . I attend your mom's Book of Mormon class each week and love it. She is so great!