Two Months

This sweet baby has stolen all of our hearts. I sometimes just sit there and stare at him because I can’t believe I have a baby as beautiful and sweet and darling as him. My instagram feed has been clogged up with a million pictures of him, because when your baby is this cute, what is a mama to do except take pictures and post them for the world to see?

This month:

  • his eyes stayed blue (Peanut’s were blue til he was more than three months, so we’re not counting on them staying that way)
  • he survived two more colds 
  • he started consistently sleeping through the night (not 12 hours yet, but eating right before I go to bed and then sleeping until 7 or 8 am, so a solid 9-10 hours)…cue the hallelujah chorus! 
  • he smiled approximately one billion times
  • he received a beautiful baby blessing in church by Philip, and was blessed with opportunity and potential, among other great things
  • he continued to be a really happy baby
  • he still has horrible cradle cap (just learned a few new tricks for helping it at the doctor, so here’s hoping it gets better soon)
  • he still loves to be swaddled 
  • he is this close to laughing
  • he loves his sound machine more than anything, and the second he’s swaddled and the sound machine is on, he calms down and goes right to sleep (we always had to work to put Peanut to sleep, so having a baby that puts himself to sleep is a breeeeeeze!)
  • he hates tummy time slightly less than last month and is finally lifting his head up instead of just laying it down and screaming
  • he is not quite so cuddly because he loves to look around
  • he discovered his hands and sucks on them constantly
  • he got horribly dry skin, bordering on eczema 
  • he started watching Peanut like a hawk — I’m sure he’ll be tagging along and copycatting everything he does in no time
  • he got his first haircut (I called him Bozo the Clown cause the sides were so long)
Happy 2 months, sweet baby!


  1. Jenni says:

    PRECIOUS!!! ALMOST makes me want to have another. Not quite, but almost. =) Enjoy this fun time of life!!!

  2. karamino says:

    so cute little angel!

  3. Ash says:

    He's a doll! Oh, those cheeks… They make me miss my chunky nephew!

  4. JJ81 says:

    So cute! A suggestion for cradle cap (if you're looking for anymore…, if not, sorry!) One of my babies had it really bad & I washed her hair with Neutrogena T-Gel (make sure to NOT get in eyes!!) and used a fine toothed comb to work it into her hair/comb out all the flaky skin – did it for a few weeks & it worked like a charm!!! Good luck & keep on enjoying that sweet baby of yours!

  5. chall12702 says:

    I second the neutragena trick! My daughter had "cradle cap" til she was over 3! Found out about the neutragena & it was gone soon after. Also a good lotion is aquaphor. It's real heavy but helps so much with the extreme dry skin (it's kinda pricey, but Walmart has a knock-off version that works just as well). Congratulations on your absolutely adorable (!) son…

  6. Beth says:

    Aww he's such a little cutie! His blue eyes are amazing! Oh, and with the cradle cap, not sure if you've been recommended Almond Oil? It's really good and cleared my niece's right up.

    Beth xx

  7. I can't stand all of the cuteness on this page. Those cheeks! The swet little baby lips and beautiful eyes! My ovaries hurt now, baby fever. haha!

    Lindsay @

  8. Try California Baby cream (in the jar) for the crade cap. It worked with my son and it is good for all skin issues, such as diaper rash.

  9. He looks so squishy that I just wanna eat him! I know, sounds creepy, but I cannot help say that when a kid is just that cute.

  10. oh my gosh!! He is the cutest ever!!! <3 i wanna hold him!

  11. Karri says:

    I cannot get enough of him. He is simply divine!!!!!!!

    My son had hair like that. He had a combover so bad at 3 mos that I called him Donald Trump! lol. I was determined not to cut it before age 1, but we didn't make it that long because he looked utterly ridiculous.

    I know you didn't ask for suggestions, but olive oil followed with a gentle combing worked wonders for us with my oldest babe and his bad cradle cap (that didn't entirely go away for a good year!)

  12. Shannon says:

    He's so precious! I love this age. They become so interactive and fun.

  13. preethi says:

    The pouty pic is still my fave! Also, Nat has that exact onesie (in his current size). 🙂

  14. newpetite says:

    He is just adorable! he puts himself to sleep and sleeps for 9-10 hours!! Thats like my dream baby!

  15. Brianna says:

    So so so cute! I miss that pudgy baby time!

    My guy still gets the cradle cap once in a while. I just load him up with some jojoba oil, let it sink in during Yo Gabba and then comb out the flakies. I get skeeved by the strong hair shampoos a bit. It's been better since I started using California baby Eczema shampoo and wash on him. I only use it once a week and really just rinse him the other times. He doesn't get too dirty yet still and only needs a bath every couple days!

  16. Elizabeth says:

    The picture left-center is adorable! He looks like a Cabbage Patch Kid doll. So precious!

  17. MamaMunky says:

    Oh my goodness. I have seen a lot cute babies on the interweb, but he is definitely one of the cutest. Congrats!

  18. Lindsay says:

    He is so cute! I love his little cheeks.

  19. Sarah S. says:

    CUTENESS overload! I love it.

  20. Leanne says:

    Like I said, he needs his own insta. He is baby perfection.

  21. Ina-Mari says:

    What a cute little man!

  22. I have heard from several people that breast milk helps with cradle cap…. Might give it a try?

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