Black and Blues

 sweater: kohls (old),  button up: target (boys section, altered – shop), black jeans: f21, boots: target, gold bracelets: gift, earrings: gift, clutch: thrifted

I very rarely get a case of the blues, but Monday was just one of those days where I was just feeling “ugh” and could not get past it. It was Philip’s last day of vacation so he was home all day with us, but I was trying to get out of vacation-mode, Peanut was begging for attention every moment, and I was bugged that it was the new year (time to start my new years resolutions!) and yet we did nothing all day.

Then I logged into facebook and saw my sweet friend, Sherry’s status: “Sherry thinks tonight is like Christmas Eve for Mothers! Tomorrow brings structure, schedule, ROUTINE!!

And she was so right. Tuesday morning I woke up bright (dark) and early, studied my scriptures, exercised, got ready for the day, spent all day working on letters, playing and reading with Peanut, ate healthy meals, spent quality time with Philip, and got us right back on schedule. It was glorious. And what do you know? The blues were gone.

Except for all the blue I wore. But that didn’t bother me one bit — in fact, it made me feel even better.


  1. Saskia says:

    It's funny how that works. I was antsing to get back to work, too. I spend my weekdays in Germany (for grad school) and catch the train back to the Netherlands most weekends to see my boyfriend, and while I enjoyed a full week with him, it felt kind of unreal. And while it is kind of lonely at the university this week (there's no one here) and at home (only me!), it does feel good to get back into the routine..

  2. Great look. LOVE the clutch! I totally know your blues feeling. I'm trying to enjoy the days of being able to do nothing and be thankful for them instead of getting frustrated with them. But, that still doesn't compare to the awesome feeling of having a really productive day!

  3. I know exactly what you mean! Monday was so lame, it was Harrison's last day of no work too and i felt like I was running around like a chicken with its head cut-off, i got nothing done, but i wanted to do something! And yesterday I did laundry, cleaned our bedroom, and Jack's, went through all of Fisher's clothes and organized them into sizes and took out what's he's outgrown, did preschool with Jack, blogged (still completing it…) made cookies, made dinner, unpacked suitcases, and put all of our christmas stuff away. Routine keeps me sane!

  4. I like routine and busy days. I very easily get the blues during a schoolbreak. It's just so weird, and empty and even a bit lonely. I love your outfit though 🙂 Shirts under sweaters are always a good idea! x

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