If You Live In Utah and Want To See Some Good Art…

I’ve been studying with a small group of artists under J. Kirk Richards for the past year, and now it’s show time. You’re all invited.

Here’s a little sneak peak of what you’ll be seeing from my end…

and there won’t be a horrid glare when you see it in person…just sayin.
  • YAY!!! that is awesome, merrick! it's times like these i totally wish i lived in utah.

  • One of my friends just asked me the other day if you were involved with this – word has spread to Texas!

  • Congratulations! Wish I could come to see your art.

  • I will be there!! Make sure to post this again a couple of days prior to the event so that we can rally everyone to be there. I will post it too!! XOXO

    PS. Not to be crude but my word verification word is testis… seriously???? haha!

  • ooohh! Sounds fun! I want to come!