A few weeks ago, I entered a painting into an art show. The piece was accepted, so on Tuesday the Peanut and I made the hour and a half long trip down to Ephriam, Utah to deliver the painting.

There was a good deal of singing, looking at the beautiful landscape, counting cows, averting our eyes from nasty roadkill, and other roadtrip activities. I can’t blame Peanut for enjoying his food break the most, but I am looking forward to the days when he can participate a little more (and stays awake for more than 10 minutes of the trip).

Here’s to many more roadtrips together…

  • He is SO CUTE! Wish I had been there to sing along with you two!

  • RA

    Hello, adorable! And I am not even a baby person, for real.

  • I miss him SO MUCH!!!! And you of course, but this picture makes me delighted and sad at the same time… give him a kiss from his auntie!

  • That's the cutest picture of you guys!

  • Such a reat picture. Your little guy is so cute. And, so are you; you look so happy. Glad you had fun.

  • How sweet! One of many of his first experiences!

  • oh this makes my heart melt! What a beautiful mother and a cute cute boy.