Recent Happenings – a photo essay


  1. megan says:

    Happy Birthday to Phillip!

    And I love the catfish.

  2. Marie says:

    Great pictures! The jewelry you are wearing in the wedding pictures, is that what you made? If so, it looks great!

  3. Cute pictures! I love the one of both of you at the wedding. Very beautiful. Hope things are going well for you!!!

  4. housewife says:

    Hello, it’s me…a blog stalker 🙂 Actually, I’m a friend of one of your sister’s friends. Anyways, I LOVE those dresses for the wedding. My brother is having a wedding in those same colors. Do you know where the dresses came from?

  5. housewife says:

    Thank you! Those are so cute.

  6. Packrat says:

    Happy belated birthday to Phillip.

    You finally got to wear the shoes!

    Great pictures.

  7. cannon says:

    Those birthday treats look familiar. Glad you liked them. Happy birthday to Phillip!

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